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Gay Orgy with Topher Dimaggio

Charlie Harding, Sebastian Young, and Topher Dimaggio are the sexy stars of this hardcore romp, the latest in Drill My Hole’s “The Next Bottom” series. Drill My Hole has been busy making some lavishly lusty anal banging scenes with the best of their sexy veterans and some fresh-faced (and tight-assed) young talent.

The Next Bottom is a sexual game show hosted by Charlie Harding, who recaps the prior installment of the series, The Next Bottom Part 2, which continues in this episode. In this show, there are three doors, a la Let’s Make a Deal, but behind each one isn’t a new car or a goat, but a sexy, hung stud. A member of the audience, played by Sebastian Young, is called upon and we get to know a little bit about him. Then we meet Topher Dimaggio, the model from behind door number one.

Charlie has the guys get started by kissing while the host and the studio audience watch, then Charlie leads the two men to a private area to take it to the next level. He leaves them alone to have their way with each other, and they oblige, revealing their hard, cut dicks. The cock-sucking ensues while each guy gets completely naked, Topher’s slender, unmarked body contrasting with Sebastian tattooed physique.

Topher is the “Next Bottom”, so he has to take Sebastian’s stiff cock in his ass. Sebastian starts off slowly, pushing into Dimaggio’s tight hole inch by glorious inch, and once Topher gets used to the feeling, he wants Sebastian’s stiff dick balls-deep inside him. He squats on the thick pole while Sebastian gives him a nice reacharound, jerking his stiff dick while his ass gets invaded.

After a bit of banging this way, the guys change positions and Topher turns ass-up to take Sebastian’s cock doggy-style, and then Sebastian puts Topher Dimaggio on his back, plunging away while Topher jerks his swollen cock. Topher finally releases the pressure, blowing his creamy load all over his stomach while Sebastian continues to pound away, finally withdrawing from Topher’s much-used ass to shoot warm, creamy jizz across Topher’s shoulder. After all this action, host Charlie comes back to interview the exhausted and happy pair, and we get to look forward to Part 4!

Hump or Bump At Str8 to Gay

The latest scene from Str8 to Gay is called Hump or Bump: it could just as easily be called “Horseplay Gone Bad” or “Horseplay Gone Good”, depending on your outlook. As you know, Str8 To Gay is all about indulging the fantasy of straight guys getting turned on by gay sex. This scene is no different from all the rest of this sites releases; straight guy gets turned on and it isn’t too hard to get him to agree to a blowjob.

Hump or Bump starts out with our two guys, Topher Dimaggio and Jake Wilder, hanging out at home. Topher is on the phone and Jake wants to engage in horseplay and fooling around. He keeps creeping up to Topher and pretends to bump his butt, or keeps heat butting the poor in the crotch. Distracted, he ends his phone call to deal with Jake. Jake asks him if he likes all that gay stuff. By the size of the bulge in his pants it is obvious that he does like this gay play. Jake notices the hard bump in Dimaggio’s jeans and has them off in seconds, thus allowing him access to the straight dick he wants to suck.

At first he is a bit nervous to be getting head from another guy; however, it only takes him a few minutes of feeling a warm, wet, hungry mouth taking him deep inside for him to relax and enjoy himself. Just as Topher is getting all worked up, both guys get naked and Jake bends over the sofa, showing his tight ass to Topher Dimaggio. He doesn’t hesitate and is soon ramming his 9 inch cock deep into his buddy’s tight hole. Not even taking a bit of time to loosen the hole, Jake pumps him doggy style.

Bent over the arm of the sofa, Jake is enjoying having his ass reamed again and again. Soon, however, Jake is back to giving Dimaggio’s dick some more mouth action before deciding he wants to sit and ride him for a while. From the looks of things, Jake is loving the feel of Topher Dimaggio’s massive dick deep in his asshole. As he rides him, Jake’s own impressive cock is flapping and slapping all around on its own. This wonderful scene goes on and on and on – our two hunks can’t get enough of each other.

Finally, he puts Jake on his back and lifts his legs high into the air, allowing Jake to jerk off as his ass is being pumped. Jake splashes a great wad of cum all over the place, and within seconds Topher Dimaggio pulls out and sprays his own load of jizz all over his not-quite-so-straight-after-all buddy. We are left with a couple of cute smiles, knowing that these two straight guys may be willing to try more gay sex whenever they get the chance to do so.

How to strip with Topher Dimaggio and Casey Monroe

Out of the Men network comes another wonderful video from Str8 To Gay. In this, the latest muscle worship massage, big, dark, muscled Topher Dimaggio (who we last enjoyed in June in “Robbery Gone Bad”) is getting a massage from Casey Monroe, whom we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing since 2012. Still the very same horny top guy covered with ink, he doesn’t disappoint in this video.

Casey quickly puts Topher at ease and has him strip naked. What pleasure it is to catch a quick glimpse of that dark cock and sack before Topher Dimaggio lies on his stomach. Casey slowly massages Dimaggio from the feet up, oiling that hairy body and making it shine. After a thorough job on the backside, Casey has Topher Dimaggio flip over on his back. Working on the chest and front of Topher Dimaggio’s body, but staying away from the groin area, he actually manages to not get a hard on.

As Casey works up Topher Dimaggio’s legs and inches closer and closer to that dark dick just laying there, the organ begins to twitch just a little bit. Casey, being a professional, knows how to take care of twitching dicks: he begins to stoke and twist it ever so gently, then takes it into his mouth and gives him a wonderful blow-job. Topher Dimaggio wants to play and is soon sucking Casey’s dick while Casey is busy exploring Dimaggio’s hairy asshole. You have to marvel at the contrast in our two hunks, Casey, all pale and as slim as can be, and Topher in all his dark, muscular glory. Topher is definitely the butch of these two guys.

This play continues for a long while, and is as slow and sensuous as the massage was. You can also tell that this is the first time he has ever entertained having a dick up his ass. Within minutes Dimaggio is loosened up and Casey is busy driving his cock in and out of that tight ass that is bent over the table; his own balls and cock swinging in the breeze. What started as a slow and sensuous massage session ends with a hard and fast session where double doses of jizz are being squirted everywhere. This video is 34 long, juicy minutes worth watching – afterwards you are going to need a massage of your own.

Str8 Gay Sex Using Gay Pornstar Johnny Rapid

Contained in this facts two guys is going away at your home. Port full is found on the telephone. Johnny Rapid is in a position for several enjoyable. The guy pretends to bum it, stuff their head into their fork. Port are obligated to stop their phone call. The straight person turns out to be tough and in moments his or her trousers were up and issues get scorching. At Str8 to jolly we love observing straight boys manage sunny factors. Jack might be little anxious and insecure to begin with but he conveniently updates his thinking and offers into some seriously homosexual serious move.

Hump or bundle begins down using our two males, Jack master and Johnny Rapid, lounging around with your family. Jack goes in the cellphone and Johnny would like to participate in horseplay and fooling close. He or she holds sneaking approximately port and pretends to bundle the bottom, or maintains warm butting inadequate port for the crotch. Distracted, flag concludes the telephone call to handle Johnny. Johnny questions him if he likes all that gay stuff. By the dimensions of the fat in Jack’s slacks there’s no question that he performs similar to this brave bet. Johnny updates the tough blow in Jack’s a pair of jeans and includes these people down in mere seconds, so permitting all of them use of the straight cock he desires to draw.

Johnny reacts with a gasp and a groan once the deep lead inputs your asshole, nonetheless it quickly loosens upward since he finds themselves clicking the butt against Donato’s big penis. Due towards the fact rooms of his rear present strategy to the thicker dick inside, and Johnny’s head actually begins to present as he feels a big stream of semen swelling inside her balls.

Eventually, Jack sets Johnny when he needed to park as well as pulls your knees large to the atmosphere, permitting Johnny to twitch down of as his ass is becoming pumped. Johnny splashes an excellent jam of jizz all around the location, and within seconds flag takes aside and sprays his own stream of sperm all over his not-quite-so-straight-after-all buddy. We’ve been put with about two adorable teeth, knowing that these types of straight men is likely to be able to consider additional brave intercourse anytime they will be able to achieve this task.

Story of a naked men gay videos site review

You Owe Me opens with a gaol world.  Young gay men Emanuel Brazzo has actually got himself into some problems, and requires to be bailed completely by their hot, dark spouse Trey Turner.  Trey really does just the right thing and bails his mate, but he is resentful.  “Perform you know just exactly how a lot of it cost us to enable you to have out?” Trey demands as these people have in the automobile to push house.  Trey provides Emanuel in his debt, and it is not long before the guy begins to cash in on their poor friend’s misfortune.  As he is however driving, all of us see Trey push Emanuel’s head down onto their waiting dick.

In a few mins the 2 hunks have been in the bed room and having right right down to company. Trey has actually Emanuel continue because of the incredible hit work and soon Emanuel is drawing in the hard, eight inches, cut dick for all he is worth. Trey pumps his cock deeper and deeper down Emanuel’s neck; as Emanuel gags regarding the beast Trey taunts him with contours like, “you love that big cock don’t you?”, and, “Come on, simply take that penis!”

From the beginning Trey dominates Emmanuel, while the bed room scene starts with Emmanuel drawing long and hard on Trey’s eight inches cut dick.  Emmanuel gags on Trey’s love muscle, but Trey shows no mercy.  Trey taunts their mate with statements like, “you would like that big cock don’t you?” and “C’mon take that gay porn for gay men penis”. Emanuel’s stretched mouth ultimately acquire some respite when he is enabled to rim Trey’s solid butt.  After giving Emanuel’s dick some wonderful oral interest, these people dudes have naked and Trey makes a decision it’s time to screw some butt.

Trey pushes their difficult, dense penis straight into Emanuel’s ass and offers him a punishing pounding.  For any following fifteen moments Emanuel is actually exposed for some hard and quick intercourse.  Trey opportunities Emanuel anywhere he loves, and requires him savagely from every perspective.  Finally Emanuel may take no even more, and explodes into a rather noisy climax.  Trey follows fit and shoots his creamy load in a loud and hot dash.  Both of these Latino studs do most of the right situations to turn each other, therefore the viewer, on.  If you would like your men macho, then chances are you Owe Me is for you.

Just for the first time Paddy o’brian bangs jake Bass

Drill My Hole is focused on hunky dudes at your workplace playing approximately with each various other and achieving a good time. They are all clothed in the common workplace outfit that is meets and ties as well as the views are constantly connected to work in some fashion which is a helpful fetish to depict. Comprised in this scene an uncredited Manager is distressed with two workers as they’ve got screwed up on some piece of work. These are usually attributing one another and they’ve got merely called in to look at manager and are well and truly within the doghouse. Nevertheless, whenever the employer is really known as through the meeting on some some other kind of engagement, just exactly what are generally two grown men supposed to do for half one hour? Sit patiently? I feel maybe perhaps not.

Here in this scene all of us have hunky Paddy oBrian together with his brown hair, inked complexion along with his lovely and alluring Brit feature which pairs down perfectly with Jake Bass just who may have an 8 inches cock, nice black hair and beguiling blue vision. These people begin through by blaming one another when it comes to mess which provides ensued before their particular focus transforms to each other people’ figures as they become nicely engrossed during the arena. Paddy commences situations by experiencing up Jake’s ass, which appears very great as all of us need to acknowledge. However, in the past long the men are getting undressed and you’ll find numerous great opinions of those in the unclothed.

Because this is Jake’s very first time getting with a man, he is a little bit not sure of what you should perform when he releases oBrian’s pulsating cock from his pants. It doesn’t get him very long to find it off and quickly he is acquiring his very first sweet taste of another man’s penis. Because of the appearances of situations, oBrian has no grievances about the method their youthful stepson is sucking his cock. Moving over to the sleep, Jake makes a decision to provide himself to oBrian, and transforms his ass towards oBrian. Never ever one to decline, oBrian gradually slips their shaft into this tight virgin hole. Perhaps not wanting to scare the youthful boy, oBrian starts down slowly, inching his means in while Jake relaxes and takes in even more of this very long dick.

When totally in, oBrian shows Jake no mercy while the man begins beating him tough and fast. Jake gasps and groans while he encounters an enjoyment he never actually understood been around, not to mention thought. Things continue fast and furious until Jake can not any longer hold back once again once again – the guy shoots his jizz all over themselves while gay pornstar (  continues to pound his tight butt. In mins dear stepdad is shooting their very own load of jizz all over Jake’s youthful human anatomy. Unfortunately, the physiology example for today provides finished, but this practical demonstration was certainly an eye opener for youthful Jake. Paddy proceeds to pound Jake’s butt like there is going to end up being no tomorrow.  Jake moans with pure happiness. The thrusting goes on as both guys are generally ready with regards to their particular orgasm.  The beating stops whenever Paddy and Jake sit down and experience one another.  These people continue to jerk their unique cock as they appear into each others vision. And this act will in addition stay the Stepfather’s Secret.continue reading this

Colby Keller denies prohibit upon roller purses

It’s springtime rest at Huge Cocks At college, and a group of cock-hungry, horny pupils are appreciating time away to relax and unwind.  A lot of suit, gorgeous and younger dudes are all hanging out together into the one Home. nbsp; You can easily nearly scent the gender in the air, and you simply understand there may be some hardcore humping as soon due to the fact possibility arises.  The 2 students lined as much as delight audiences in Spring Fever component 3 are the hunky Colby Keller, while the really adorable Dalton Pierce. The scene starts with Dalton and a partner bemoaning the want of alcoholic beverages within the home, as the other dudes play baseball exterior.

Colby is a little nervous because this is his first homosexual knowledge but after a couple of moments of getting his dick sucked he Really likes it.  The men have nude and Jake is ready for some even more actions. He gives during the couch adhering their firm butt out. Colby pushes Direct down on his and gets his cock prepared to devote Jake’s tight hole. He does maybe not also spend the time to get it wet and prepared. Jake is bent during the sofa using all of the cock in click here for colby keller movies fashion. Whenever Colby is completed Jake goes back to providing him Head. Colby sits down and Jake climbs on top of their cock.

He Actually loves the nine inch Cock ramming their tight hole while their quite own cock flaps approximately. Both of these guys are muscular as well as in form.  Colby keller lays Jake down on their again and place his legs within the air. His dick once once more comes into the limited hole. Jake is in a position to jerk himself